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Through integrated technology, Gradable® offers innovative sustainability solutions and financial services for grain companies and other commercial agriculture businesses.


A new, unified approach

to agricultural commercial services


A missing link in the agriculture supply chain

Gradable is a cohesive enterprise solution composed of cutting edge tools and technology, sustainability solutions, and financial services for commercials in the agriculture space. We provide an ecosystem of integrated services to unify what has traditionally been a fragmented and antiquated service landscape.

With the Gradable platform, grain buyers can build a managed bushel program, organize your customers, and source low-carbon bushels all through one technology and service platform.

Agriculture has relied on legacy systems for too long — it’s time for a more integrated approach.


Sustainability solutions

Source more environmentally-friendly grain and work towards your carbon goals through farmer-led sustainability programs.


Financial services

Increase profit potential with cutting-edge managed bushel programs and a transparent, flexible structuring service.


Integrated platform

The Gradable integrated platform creates efficiencies and cost savings for commercials — and an improved and convenient experience for their farmers.

The majority of co-ops, ethanol plants, grain merchants, and feed yards are trying to modernize their operations with a complicated patchwork of specialized service providers. The Gradable platform eliminates this complexity by providing a single-stop, integrated solution for grain aggregators.


Sustainability solutions


Financial services

Gradable helps buyers work toward their environmental goals by providing the technology, services, and tools to source more environmentally friendly grain.

Built on top of the Farmers Business Network® (FBN®) membership, the platform connects buyers to farmers and allows them to preserve the identity of sustainably produced grain, from the field to end products.

We provide clearing services reimagined for the 21st century, along with cutting-edge managed bushel programs and a transparent, flexible structuring service that allows commercials to improve how they originate grain.


About Gradable

Gradable, an FBN® company, is a commercial services firm working to build a modern agriculture supply chain for farmers and those that purchase their crops.

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