Introducing Gradable Carbon™

Carbon Credits in Your Control.

Flexibility to earn credits with practices that work best on your farm. 
Freedom to bank credits and retain upside of an expanding carbon market.

Sell credits when you earn them or bank credits and sell at a future price point. Gradable Carbon™ allows you to capture upside potential as carbon markets grow. Enroll fields for free today.*


Gradable Plan™ supports your efforts to maximize the ROI of your crop yields AND carbon credits.

How does Gradable Carbon™ work?

*Enrollment is subject to eligibility requirements. Additional terms and conditions apply.

How is Gradable Carbon™ Different?


Farming is constantly evolving. Decide what regenerative practices are best for your farm.



Carbon Credits issued directly to your account.

Sell when the market is

best for you.


Know exactly what

your credits are worth

and who is profiting from your credits.


Gradable Plan offers low-cost agronomic support to help maximize ROI as you enter carbon markets.

How do I earn credits?

  • 60% of credits earned will be issued to the farmer over a five-year period

  • 25% of credits earned will be withheld to cover avoidable and unavoidable losses of carbon over a 100 year period 

  • 15% of credits earned will be retained by Gradable to cover sampling, verification, administration, and fees.  

What is Gradable Plan™?

Gradable Plan is an optional, add-on agronomy service to help farmers dramatically reduce synthetic fertilizer through precision prescriptions, cover crops, and tillage suggestions.


Per-Acre Service includes:

  • Soil Sampling

  • Fertilizer Recommendations

  • Biological/Cover Crop Recommendations

Frequently Asked Questions

What practices earn credits?

Practices that earn carbon credits include:

  • Going no-till or reducing tillage

  • Incorporating cover crops

  • Diversifying your crop rotation

  • Reducing nitrogen use

What if I adopted practices in the past?
Carbon credits can only be generated for practices adopted on a field two years before entering into the Gradable Carbon program. This guarantees that we are producing high quality credits that represent additional sequestration and emissions reductions.


How much money will I make? 

For practice adopted in the 2019 and 2020 growing seasons we are fixing a price floor of $20 / carbon credit with Gradable retaining a portion of each credit generated to cover insurance, sampling, administration, and fees.  But that’s not the price you have to agree to. Gradable Carbon allows you to bank credits and take advantage of the possible upside in the market, expanding your profit potential from participating in the program.


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