Ethanol Producer Magazine: Low-Carbon Connections

When Poet approached FBN more than two years ago, the goal was to find a way to connect large grain buyers, such as ethanol plants, to farmers who use sustainable practices. Doing so would allow ethanol plants to source low-carbon corn, while offering growers a premium for their commodities. After a successful pilot program at Poet’s Chancellor, South Dakota, plant, the two companies launched Gradable, the platform that connects grain buyers and growers.

Bob Whiteman, Poet CFO, says the partnership with FBN allows for reliable scoring of a producer’s carbon intensity. “We had to make sure that it would be a verifiable data point,” Whiteman says of the carbon scoring. “Without good science and data behind that carbon intensity value, any fruit from them would be short-lived. FBN was the only entity that we found whose technology was advanced enough to allow for that data gathering to take place in a way that would be verifiable, yet convenient for the agricultural producer.” Read more at Ethanol Producer Magazine.

Original article by Matt Thompson for Ethanol Producer Magazine.


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