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Fueling the Future Podcast: We Can Benefit Farmers and Achieve GHG Emission Reductions

Interview with Steele Lorenz, FBN® Head of Sustainable Business

Tammy Klein spoke with Steele Lorenz on the Fueling the Future podcast about how clean fuel markets can reward farmers for reducing GHG emissions.

"Let me start actually with something really interesting you said which was an assumption about how much technology is on the farm and how technologically savvy growers are. I have to tell you that modern farming produces a tremendous amount of data from exceedingly high tech equipment. Harvesters, sprayers combines are all collecting hundreds of thousands of data points every acre. And growers are really using and maximizing that to the extent that they can to make better informed decisions about what they should plant, when they should plant, how they should plant or cultivate and how they should market."

Stream and download the full podcast from the Apple Podcast App or the Transport Energy Strategies website


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