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Introducing Gradable® Plan

Maximizing Credit Generation with Gradable® Plan

Carbon markets are a new and exciting opportunity for farmers. Potential exists for farmers to add additional revenue streams while improving soil health and lowering fertilizer costs. This sounds like a great plan! But it’s easier said than done. Changing farm practices, especially lowering fertilizer rates, can have a dramatic impact on crop yields. Gradable® Plan exists to help farmers maximize ROI as they enter carbon markets. Gradable Plan offers soil sampling and agronomic support to help maximize carbon credit generation and maintain existing yields.

Why this is important

Adopting regenerative farm practices (minimal/no-till, cover crops/biologicals, nutrient management) has a ton of benefits for farmers. Over time these practices can improve soil health, unlocking bound-up nutrients and leading to more resilient soil. However, introducing these new regenerative farm practices in the first few years is tough because farm profits are tight and there is little wiggle room to support a yield drag. If properly managed, farmers can adopt regenerative farm practices without a yield drag and, in many cases, may see yield improvements!

What does Gradable Plan offer?

Gradable Plan offers comprehensive crop nutrition plans to support farmers as they adopt new practices. Generating carbon credits through Gradable Carbon requires that farmers introduce new techniques to sequester carbon into their soil. Gradable Plan can help ensure a process that gives participants both credit generation and maximum crop yield. Plans begin by farmers enrolling their fields for sampling and filling out a questionnaire, which outlines goals and expectations for the upcoming season. With this survey and an updated soil analysis on the current health of each field's soil, only then can our Gradable's partner agronomists generate a crop nutrition plan for each field enrolled. This tailor-made crop nutrition plan strives to meet the needs of each field and consists of its own, special combination of fertilizer, cover crops, and/or biologicals.

How do farmers enroll in Gradable Plan?

To enroll in the Gradable Plan, farmers need to contact the Gradable team. From there, the farmer shares field boundaries and historical production data; this information is loaded into the Farmer's Business Network, Inc.® (FBN®) data platform, making the data-sharing process a breeze! Following that, Farmers will complete a 10-30 minute survey, indicating their goals for the upcoming season. This survey includes yield expectations and high-level goals (profitability, soil health, carbon credit maximization) for each operation. Then the Gradable team takes care of the rest! Gradables partner agronomists will pull soil samples and put together a nutrition plan. A few weeks after sampling, farmers will receive a PDF report and prescription files for each field enrolled in Gradable Plan.

If interested in learning more, please call the Gradable team at 773-900-4161 or visit

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