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Maintaining Optionality with Carbon Credits

By Kurt Alles

Farmers Business Network® was built with the idea that farmers should have more power in their decision making. Whether it is performance data on seed varieties, prices paid for inputs, or benchmarking their operations against other farms in their area, FBN democratizes information to empower farmers to make informed choices about their business.

In each new business FBN launches, we start with the priorities of the farmer and aim to create solutions that give farmers more control and freedom, compared to what’s available in the market today.

Our approach to carbon markets is no different. When we looked at the landscape of organizations in the space, we saw opportunities to better position farmers to retain more of the value potential of the credits they produce.

In short, these opportunities allow the farmer to maintain “optionality” with their credits.

Maintaining optionality starts with contracting. Gradable Carbon™ contracts allow farmers to bank credits for up to five years from credit generation. This opens farms up to more value potential, i.e. increases in the price paid for carbon credits over time, compared to other programs that lock a farmer into a price per credit.

Optionality also extends to what a farmer can then do with a credit. Gradable is building a platform to allow a farmer to flow the climate-friendly attributes of their bushels to markets that work best for his or her operation.

Not only offsets, but also insets, certifications, and production contracts can provide the most lucrative opportunities for farmers in the future. We want Gradable to provide all of those options to farmers that enroll in our programs.

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