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Regenerative Agriculture, Meet Gradable™

As a farmer, you are a steward of the environment. Just take a look at all of the conservation practices you’ve incorporated into your operation: No-till and strip-till farming, using variable rate fertilizer applications, planting cover crops and any other number of activities that aim to care for the land you farm and other natural resources.

But while these measures have obvious benefits—from addressing production costs to supporting yield objectives to promoting the long-term sustainability of your farm—it is still surprisingly difficult for you to reap a tangible financial reward for your efforts.

At the same time, consumers are increasingly interested in—and willing to pay a premium for—products that reflect a commitment to the environment.

How then can you take advantage of this growing market demand for sustainable agriculture products and receive fair compensation for regenerative agriculture practices?

Introducing Gradable

Today Farmer's Business Network launched Gradable to begin reimagining the grain supply chain and expanding your access to Low-Carbon Grain premiums.

Read the full article by Brian Paff on FBN Emergence.

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