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Where does FBN’s Gradable Carbon™ fit into the growing carbon credit ecosystem?

Ag carbon credit markets are becoming a widely discussed topic, even at the White House. President Biden’s climate plan includes a carbon bank that would offer credits for farmers who adopt regenerative practices. Microsoft recently purchased $2 million in carbon credits from Land O’Lakes, Indigo Ag and Nori announced the first buyers for their carbon credits, and Canada’s Farmers Edge is partnering with Radicle to launch a carbon program. Now, FBN is getting in the ag carbon credit game.

While all the buzz around ag carbon credit markets might be exciting for some, it may be making some farmers’ heads spin.

“I think if I was a farmer it would look like a mess. Frankly, it is super muddy in terms of what each of these programs does,” Farmers Business Network (FBN) president of crop marketing and financial services Devin Lammers told AFN.

FBN just unveiled its latest service called Gradable Carbon, which aims to help farmers generate carbon credits and find buyers. FBN is hoping to take some of the mystery and headaches out of the process by helping farmers generate carbon credits and find potential buyers. Some of the practices that can go towards credit generation include cover cropping, conservation tillage, and nitrogen management...

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Original article by Lauren Manning, Contributing Writer for AgFunder News


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