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Commercial agriculture financial services

Structuring and execution services for commercials, reimagined and integrated


Structuring services

Transparent and flexible structuring service through SCS* includes cutting-edge managed bushel programs, so you can originate more grain.

*Offered by Gradable's affiliate, SCS dba Gradable Financial Services

Execution Services

Integrated execution services allow you to do more in one place

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Financial services done differently

Financial services for commercials in agriculture tend to be as outdated as the technologies they employ. In the existing system, commercials pay their brokers premium dollars, often for services they no longer need and relationships that no longer bring value.

Gradable® is changing the financial services landscape, reimagining structuring and execution for the 21st century.

Creating efficiency for our clients


"Our POET Grain teams have seen firsthand the difficulties in managing our plants with existing technology. The Gradable platform simplifies the information we need to get our jobs done and empowers us to provide a better service and value to our farmers. We're looking forward to continuing our partnership with Gradable and leveraging its expanding platform from its CRM to Bids, Offers and Sustainability features to incentivize using the power of nature to produce bioproducts in harmony with the environment."

Bob Whiteman, POET Grain CFO

Just like the rest of the Gradable suite, our financial services offerings don’t live in a silo. Instead, they’re integrated with the rest of the Gradable platform both technologically and financially for maximum efficiency and cost savings.


Gradable integrates with your website and accounting system so you can automate information transfer and boost visibility.


With Gradable, you’re not just paying for a relationship with a broker — you’re investing in a suite of services and technology that will better your company.

Transformation through integration

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