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Gradable® Plan uncovers if your fertilizer program is helping your soil or hurting it. You'll receive soil sampling, and then we'll build an annual crop nutrition program focused on delivering the right combination of fertilizer, biological treatments, and regenerative practices to meet the needs of your farm. Starting as low as $3.50/acre.

Quit Wasting Fertilizer and Money

Independent soil sampling and analysis for every field enrolled
Modern crop nutrition plans that meet the goals of your farm

Your crop nutrition plans should accomplish the goals of your farm. Gradable Plan offers soil sampling and independent fertility programs that are customized for your farm.

Gradable Plan offers modern nutrition programs that can include conventional fertilizer, manure, biologicals, and/or cover crops. 


Gradable Plan pairs nicely with Gradable Carbon!

How does Gradable Plan work?

How is Gradable Plan Different?


Gradable Plan is focused on building crop nutrition programs that fit the needs of YOUR farm.


Gradable Plan offers comprehensive nutrition programs that can include cover crops and/or biologicals.


Gradable Plan soil samples and provides a recommendation for every field enrolled, every year.


Gradable Plan spreads the cost of soil sampling over multiple years and financing available from FBN Finance.

What are the soil sampling options for Gradable Plan?

Frequently Asked Questions

What lab is processing the soil samples and who is making the recommendation?

  • Our agronomy partner, ServiTech.  ServiTech is the nation's largest crop consulting firm and agricultural laboratory.  They are based in Dodge City, KS.

What nutrients do we sample for?

  • 8-inch depth soil samples

  • OM, N, pH, P, K, Zn, S, Na, Mg, B, CEC, %Na, %H, %K, and %Mg

Who will support these fertilizer plans?

  • ServiTech will provide ninety (90) days of crop nutrition telephone support per each grower enrolled in the program. Telephone support will be routed through FBN’s phone service and Servitech will make itself readily available during normal business hours (Central Time) to provide all such support.