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Farmer-led sustainability solutions

Gradable® enables agriculture to address today’s most pressing climate challenges


Creating value for environmental stewardship in agriculture

Agriculture is a foundation for a more sustainable future. Farmers are eager to participate in or expand conservation efforts, and to earn compensation for regenerative agriculture practices. Gradable’s technology and programs bring new opportunities for both partners and farmers.


If you’re interested in more impactful ways to execute environmental programs in agriculture, Gradable offers services to meet your needs.


An ecosystem of technology for partners and farms

For our partner organizations, Gradable provides the technology, service, and tools to validate practices and quantify climate impacts, helping partners effectively work towards GHG goals. For growers, Gradable provides both the tools and services to help implement regenerative practices, as well as opportunities to participate in premium markets that reward those activities.

Environmental programs for food and agribusiness

Environmental programs for food and agribusiness

Organizations in food and agriculture have multiple pathways to reduce their carbon footprints. Combine offset and inset programs to work towards scope 1 and 3 climate goals. Accomplish carbon neutrality goals short term, while investing long term in permanent reductions in your supply chain.

Looking for non-procurement mass balance programs? Work with Gradable to build a research program to uncover what opportunities exist to reduce your organization’s environmental impact.

Stalks of Wheat

Reveal environmental gains in your supply chain

Are you aware of the growing practices utilized by farmers you’re buying from today? Gradable programs have shown that farmers are producing commodities with carbon footprints 20 - 30% below average. Work with Gradable to realize environmental characteristics within your own supply chain.


Biofuel processors

Ethanol and renewable diesel plants, especially those selling into California’s LCFS, have invested in equipment and procedures to make their processing facilities more efficient.

Gradable gives biofuel companies a new opportunity to improve efficiency through farmer programs.


Clean fuel markets

Today, national averages for emissions are assigned to every bushel processed into ethanol, but with rule changes under current consideration, farms could be included in carbon calculations and generate additional premiums for production practices.



With Gradable direct procurement programs, farmers have the freedom and flexibility to improve profit potential with sustainable practices that work with their farm.

Gradable provides new ways for farmers to earn value for conservation practices.


Farmers First®

Born from the commitment of Farmers Business Network® to put Farmers First®, Gradable offers flexibility to farmers in our voluntary programs to improve on or adopt new practices that make sense for the farm business. Farmers who participate in Gradable programs may see a significant increase in value over traditional commodity grains.

Farmer Experience**


“Regenerative agriculture techniques have not only saved us money, they’ve made us money. We’ve always tried these practices side by side and can compare conventional tillage to no-till and strip till and we’ve realized the benefits through our data analytics.”

**Testimonials are not indicative of future performance or success; results may vary.

Sustainability insights

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Using Satellite Imagery to Monitor Regenerative Agricultural Practices

Gradable is helping farms move to and be recognized for sustainable cropping systems.

Gradable in the media

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Regenerative agriculture is the next  great climate ally

Investing in regenerative ag promises to slash farming’s carbon footprint while rewarding farmers for their stewardship.


Gradable Carbon™ Program Gives Growers Control of Credits

Producers using Gradable Carbon are not locked into a single program or contract, maximizing ROI opportunities

Screen Shot 2021-02-26 at 3.30.07 PM 1.p

Where does Gradable Carbon™ fit into the carbon ecosystem?

Ag carbon credit markets are becoming a widely discussed topic, even at the White House. President Biden’s climate plan...

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