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About Gradable®

We’re here to build technology and services for an integrated agriculture supply chain, ensuring a sustainable, profitable future for commercial agriculture


The Gradable story

In 2018, Farmers Business Network® (FBN®) started collaborating with farmers and agribusiness partners to run farm-level sustainability and regenerative agriculture programs.

As we continued to grow programs and collaborate with our agribusiness partners, we found that they were stuck with outdated and disparate systems, from origination to risk management.

We realized that scaling programs was not just about building technology and services for farms, but required a real realignment of the agriculture supply chain to create more transparency and flexibility, and design of smarter, more integrated systems.

And so, Gradable was born as the Commercial Services arm of FBN, with the goal of building better tools for both farmers and agribusiness.


We hope you’ll join us on our mission to create a more efficient, transparent, and intelligent agriculture supply chain.


Our vision

We believe that all of commercial agriculture should have a modern set of tools and services to do business.

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