Gradable™ provides integrated services that are transforming the commercial agriculture landscape.

Connecting buyers and farmers through one comprehensive platform

For grain companies and other commercial agriculture businesses, modernizing operations has often meant building a complicated patchwork of specialized service providers and software solutions. Unfortunately, these disjointed legacy systems can stand in the way of efficiency, sustainability, and profitability.


Gradable is different. It’s a single-stop, integrated solution for grain origination, grain trading, customer management, clearing, structuring, environmental traceability, and more — all in one cohesive platform that connects farmers and grain buyers.

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Our solutions

Integrated contracts, scale tickets, and settlements

Our Grain Buyer dashboard provides buyers the information they need to know to act quickly and manage their clients efficiently.


Bid and offer management

We make managing bids and offers easy for grain buyers and farmers. Our Grain Buyer Bids feature allows buyers to easily create new and edit existing bids that automatically publish to a public website and our farmer application. Buyers are also able to simulate new bids and see the impact of outstanding offers.

Contact us for more information about add-ons like environmental programs and analytics features.


Benefits of a unified platform


Gradable simplifies and unifies with a fully integrated ecosystem.



We offer services and technology that give you valuable insight about risk management and sustainability.


You don’t have to spend time building your own APIs or manually moving information from one platform to another. With Gradable, we do the integration for you.


Cost savings

Keep costs low with fewer platforms, improved efficiency, and bundled services discounts.